i3FLOORSTAND: add mobility to your interactive display

Add mobility to your interactive display with i3FLOORSTAND. This interactive floorstand for LCD touch displays, ensures mobility and flexibility in the classroom. With the push of a button, you can quickly adjust the stand to accommodate teachers and students of differing heights and those who are seated or physically challenged.


Floor lift XL

For i3TOUCH of max. 120 kg (052.7200)

Products 052.7200 and 052.7250 floor lifts can be installed quickly and easily, allowing electrical height adjustment of your i3TOUCH or other LCD screens. The lifts are fitted with a screen bracket containing most VESA patterns, making it suitable for almost every display. This unit requires positioning close to a wall after which it can be fastened with its adjustable wall bracket.

i3Floorstand XL

The floor lift comes with a remote control to adjust the display 500 mm (052.7250) or 600 mm (052.7200) in height. Behind the mounting bracket, there is enough room for placing a mini PC. For seamless installation of a thin client PC a VESA75/100 mounting pattern is included.

Product 052.7250 is our Floor lift mini; the product is 100 mm smaller than product 052.7200 and offers a 500 mm height adjustment.

For i3TOUCH of max. 120 kg (062.7275)

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