IMO-LEARN moved by learning


Did you know that you learn better when you move around a lot? With iMO-LEARN, we will show you how that works.


Researchers have proven that movement helps us learn more effectively. We are limititing children's capacity for learning by making them sit still for too long, too often. Long moments of sitting still is not good for our constitution either. The concept of a healthy soul in a healthy body gets a whole new dimension: after all, movement also refreshes the soul.

i3-Technologies’ iMO-LEARN team used this knowledge and experience as a starting point.

iMO-LEARN comes in both analog and digital versions. The digital version has a motion sensor that communicates wirelessly with the online i3LEARNHUB digital board software. This enables you to magically transform the iMO-LEARN into an interactive and digital educational resource in no time at all.


Three learning methods (at least)

As you probably noticed by now, there are many more sides to the iMO-LEARN than the cube you see in front of you. It challenges pupils and teachers to create more and more learning methods on a daily basis. We have only defined three of them: you will definitely discover more.

1 Dynamic sitting

The simplest one is the dynamic learning environment. The iMO-LEARNs are extremely suitable for this as there are no straight edges at all. Just try to sit still on one! The pupils move considerably more than in a standard classroom arrangement. This is a clear improvement towards more physical activity at school.

You could use the iMO-LEARNs in class or integrate them into a special 'move and learn' area. The choice is yours!

2 Analog active learning

You can work with every side of the iMO-LEARN. The iMO can be used :

For physical exercises that increase the heart rate of the pupils for at least five minutes - comparable to physical activities.
For short physical and knowledge tasks that lead to more oxygen being pumped into pupils’ brains and are ideal as a section in the lesson. We call these “brain teasers”.
For activities that deepen and intensify the way of learning. This is learning through movement (kinesthetic learning).
An intense co-creation process with one hundred pupils and eight teachers resulted in extremely diverse exercises on various subjects such as mathematics, languages, balancing exercises and brain teasers.

> Book with 53 basic exercises

Creating and innovating by yourself is the basis of iMO-LEARN. We’ve developed 53 basic exercises in collaboration with the test groups, in various knowledge and movement domains to make pupils and teachers fully aware of the system’s possibilities. Try and use them as a basis for designing new exercises yourself. All the exercises are gathered in a didactic manual.

3 Active digital learning

You can instantaneously transform the iMO-LEARNs into a digital learning environment by providing them with motion sensors. For example: you can link them with the i3LEARNHUB on your i3BOARD or digital board and integrate them into the Quick Quiz module. The pupils answer the questions by moving their iMO-LEARN, and the system will automatically detect the right answer. The results are immediately visible. This adds a whole new dimension to embodied learning.